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Transgender Words, Terms, Slang, & Shorthand:

Ally: A person who accepts, supports, or is an advocate for the LGBT community.
Bigender: Refers to person who feels they exhibit two genders.
Binding: A term for binding breasts or trying to reduce the visibility of breasts
Carry Letter: A letter disclaiming stating that the individual has been diagnosed with and is being treated for GID(Gender Identify Disorder) or GD( Gender Dysphoria).
Chaser: An individual with a sexual fetish that peruses people that fit their sexual fantasy such as transsexual people or transvestites. 
Cis / Cisgender: Term for a person born with matching physical and mental genders, or a person with a matching sex and gender. 
Clock: To recognize a transgendered individual as transgender while they are presenting or dressing and behaving as their identified gender.
Closet: Refers to not being out with ones sexuality or gender identity, or being secretive. 
Cross Dress: To dress in the clothing of the opposite gender. 
Community: A broad term for people that are gay, lesbians, transgender, bisexual, or all of the above and often their supports or allies. Often used to refer to the lifestyle of such people as well. 
Drag: Homosexual individuals dressing as the opposite gender, often for performance sake.   
Drag King: A lesbian that dresses as a man.
Drag Queen: A gay man that dresses as a woman. 
Dual gender: A term for a person that feels they are both genders or exhibit traits of both genders.
E: Abbreviation for Estrogen. 
Endo: Abbreviation for Endocrinologist. 
Endo Letter: 1, A letter from an Endocrinologist stating that a transgender person is being treated, and may receive further treatments elsewhere. 2, A letter to an Endocrinologist from a therapist stating a transgender person may receive hormone replacement therapy.
FAAB: Short for Female Assigned At Birth.
FTM: Abbreviation for Female To Male, a transsexual person who was born female and is, has, or would like to transition to male. 
GD / Gender Disphoria: A diagnosis used to describe people who experience dysphoria or a disconnection with the sex they were assigned at birth and/or the gender roles associated with that sex. 
Genderqueer: Is a catch-all category for gender identities other than man and woman, such as having two or more genders, having no gender, or moving between genders.
GID / Gender Identity Disorder: A diagnosis used to describe people who experience dysphoria or a disconnection with the sex they were assigned at birth and/or the gender roles associated with that sex. 
Hater: Term for a person that exhibits hate, strong disliking or distrust for people of a different sexuality or gender identity group.
HRT: Abbreviations for Hormone Replacement Therapy, a treatment for transsexuals that replaces natural hormones with those of the opposite or identified gender. 
HRT Letter: A letter to an Endocrinologist from a therapist stating a transgender person may receive hormone replacement therapy. 
Intersex: A variation in sex characteristics (including chromosomes, gonads, or genitals) that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female.
King: Short for Drag King, a homosexual female that dress as a male, often for performance.
LGBT: Abbreviation for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. Often also covers Gender and sexual categories such as queer gender, pansexual, and intersex.
MAAB: Short for Male Assigned At Birth.
MTF: Abbreviation for Male To Female, a transsexual born physically male that is, has, or would like to transition to female.
Non-Op: Abbreviation for Non-operation, a transgender person that does not plan to have sexual reassignment surgery. 
Packing: Stuffing wadding or padding into underwear to give the appearance of male genitals.
Padding: Stuffing or packing bras or underwear to give a more feminine appearance. 
Pre-Op: Refers to a transsexual person before going through sexual reassignment surgery. 
Presenting: The act of a transgender person presenting or acting and dressing as their identified gender. 
Post-Op: Refers to a transsexual person after going through sexual reassignment surgery.
Queer: an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are not heterosexual, or gender-binary.
Questioning: A term for a person that is unsure of their sexuality or gender identity. 
SRS / Sexual Reassignment Surgery: A series of surgeries that give a person the genitals of the opposite sex or identified gender.
Stealth: A transgender person who presents as their identified gender and does not reveal &/or has no interactions with other transgender people.
Supporter: An Ally, or person who supports or advocates for LGBT rights.
T: Abbreviation for testosterone. 
T-Dar: Ability to detect transgender people. 
TERFs : Abbreviation for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, feminists that believe transgender women are not real women.  
Trans: Abbreviation of transgender people. 
Transgender: An umbrella category covering many gender related subcategories, such as transsexual people, transvestites, & drag kings & queens. 
Transition: The act of changing from one gender to the other.
Transsexual: A person who identifies as or has the mental structure of the opposite sex/ their birth sex.
Tucking: the act of moving male genitals between the legs &/or pushing testacies into the body cavity to give a feminine appearance. 


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